Registration form 2024

For students in civil engineering at (technical) universities, graduated between 1st January 2023 and 31rd December 2023.

Fill in this form completely, including the file(s) of your thesis-report, a one-page English summary of the thesis and possibly your video presentation of the thesis (with a maximum playtime of 6 minutes) and send it in before 28 March 2024. Fields with * are required.

A recommended content and approximative duration of the video presentation: background and motivation of the topic (1min), methodology and main results of your research (3 mins), new knowledge gained (1min), conclusions and a possible impact of your findings (1min).

  • You can also mail the thesis-report and one-page summary (as PDF or Word) and your possible, accompanying video (preferably as a mp4-file) with mention of the thesis-name to, before 28 March 2024. In case of large files, please send via WeTransfer.
  • MSc thesis, summary and registration form are mandatory for participation and required for proper jury’s judgements of the projects. For a description of the jury’s criteria, see the homepage of this website, under ‘assessment criteria’.
  • For further information: Bouwen met Staal, Louis Braillelaan 80, NL-2719 EK Zoetermeer, tel. +31 (0) 88 353 12 12, e-mail

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