DOSS 2022

DOSS stands for the Dutch Open Student STEEL (DOSS) Award: an annual international prize, initiated by the Technical University Delft and the Dutch Steel Construction Institute Bouwen met Staal and supported by various acknowledged organisations, educational institutions, and design-, build and steel production companies worldwide.

What’s DOSS?

The award works out as an epochal appreciation and recognition of MSC students in civil engineering at (technical) universities from all over the world, who have incorporated in a distinctive and representative way the features, possibilities and benefits of steel for structural application in their graduation projects. Meanwhile the award also challenges and encourages next generations of graduation students to do so in the future. Thus, making their contribution to the ongoing upgrading of the usage of steel for civil structures in worldwide practice; making it (even)more aesthetic, reliable, economic, smart, long lived, and green. That’s in it for us all.


The DOSS Award might just be your ‘claim to fame’ in the world of civil engineering. Just by taking part with your thesis, you’ll be winning the full attention of a broad collective of respected expert professionals, gathered in the international DOSS Award jury.

When receiving a nomination for the prize, you can present and discuss your project during the GRAND DOSS FINAL, attended by all those that matter within the international steel building industry. At this event the winner(s) will be announced.

First prize winner(s) will be rewarded with 2.500 Euro, second prize winners with (of course) half of it: 1.250 Euro.

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Submission for the DOSS Award is possible for graduation projects that incorporate a key role for steel. The project can be a on the field of structural design, engineering as well as research and (product)development or combinations.

The jury measures all projects on the issues:
objectives and ambitions • originality and aesthetics • creativity and ingenuity • thoroughness • context • relevance for civil engineering knowledge and practice • (smart) application and performance.
The jury pays special notice to projects that trigger the innovative and sustainable application of steel in civil structures.

DOSS 2022 •
First prize

Influence of the strain-hardening on the bending strength and rotation capacity of welded I-section beams
Stefan Megnet
Stefan Megnet
(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), Institute of Structural Engineering)
Numerical investigations of preloading procedures of bolted assemblies
Nils Rittich
Nils Rittich
(RWTH Aachen University)

DOSS 2021 •
First prize

Fatigue in Tubular Structures
Christiaan Jilderda (University of Twente, Civil Engineering, the Netherlands)

DOSS 2021 •
Second prize

Material anisotropy in wire and arc additively manufactured structures

Ben Weber
(Imperial College London, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UK)

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